I am a Hatha Raja Yoga Teacher in Knoxville, TN, certified by Dharma Yoga Center both for the 200-hour, and 600-hour courses in New York City. I teach Dharma Yoga levels Gentle, 1, 2 and 3, and I also teach yoga classes customized to an individual or group's specifications or needs.

A class can be 1 to 2 hours long. It can be for an individual or a group. It can be at a private home, Church, Senior Center, Park, or any place you can fit a mat.

I specialize in senior yoga. Two of my best clients were a 90-year-old couple in Manhattan. Over the three year period of their weekly practice, the husband went from being shorter than his wife to taller than his wife once again! You can never be too old or out of shape to practice yoga. Indeed, as we age, the more urgent is the need to cultivate harmony of mind, body and spirit. If you find your body tight and unsupple, yoga is a perfect remedy. All the poses can be altered to fit your body, including the use of chairs or other objects to correct the lack of flexibility.

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